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Meet the Lead

Chandler Ferry

Chandler strives to solve problems in his professional and personal life by creating automated solutions. After building multiple now-patented automated systems, Chandler has channeled his passion into applying those same concepts in his personal projects. His unwavering desire for efficiency, coupled with his love for discovery, led him to Crypto, and now, Caldera.

While creating and launching a Chia fork in 2021, he saw the difficulties involved in trading smaller coins firsthand. It’s impossible to get listed on a trusted exchange with any reasonable amount of liquidity and prohibitive listing costs often push users to trade amongst themselves. While over-the-counter transactions embody the ethos behind cryptocurrencies, many inherent risks arise trying to do so safely. As such, he spent 6 months building a secure network so any new coin can allow its early users to trade with peace of mind.

Our Mission

Caldera makes safe, secure trades possible. All the time. For everyone.

Safety is always a concern when interacting with other people. Opportunities are often missed due to risk. Our automated system removes the need for any person as a go-between, creating a reliable escrow service that acts securely. Caldera further ensures that transactions are delivered precisely how they are agreed upon by both users. We empower any person to discover exciting networks before they become mainstream, allowing each individual, or each coin’s community, to determine fair value. From trying to safely swap a new micro cap via a over-the-counter-transaction, to safely execute an OTC transaction that you have arranged, Caldera is the safest way to do so.

Cryptocurrencies are about the user and the owner. Caldera puts power back into your hands. Trade coins you find valuable with people that share those insights. Don't wait for an exchange listing to give your favorite network value, transact with your fellow users early and safely. Self-custody is important, and now there is a secure solution to trade with your peers.

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